Wouldn’t it be wonderful if house designs could incorporate one flooring type that works perfectly for everyone? Sometimes what works for some people may be completely wrong for others. Depending on your family situation and lifestyle, different flooring options will be more suitable for you. Here is information on some common flooring to help you decide which flooring solution is best for you. 如果有一种完美的地板类型能够适应每个人的房屋设计需求,那样会不会很棒?可惜有时,适用于一些人的地板对他人来说却完全相反。所以最好是根据您的家庭情况和生活方式,来选择更适合您的地板。 以下是一些常见地板的信息,以帮助您找到最适合自己的地板解决方案。

Vinyl Planks and Tiles乙烯基木板和地砖
Vinyl is a very popular and inexpensive flooring solution. Many vinyl products are a simple “peel and stick” installation, and it’s very easy to replace one or two damaged planks or tiles. Vinyl is also highly resistant to scratching and abrasions, which is perfect for high traffic areas or homes with pets in them. 乙烯基是一种非常受欢迎的平价地板。 许多乙烯基产品的安装就是简单的“剥离和粘贴”,这样要更换一两个损坏的木板或砖很容易也很方便。这种产品还具有高度抗划伤和擦伤性,非常适合家里人口多或有宠物的家庭。

Ceramic Tiles瓷砖
Ceramic tiles are very durable and long-lasting, making them perfect for areas which experience high levels of foot traffic. They are also very easy to clean which is important for big families and homes with pets. Ceramic tiles also come in a huge range of textures and colours, allowing you to customise your home design. 瓷砖非常结实且经久耐用,非常适合经常有人走动的地方。 它们也很容易清洁,这对大家庭和有宠物的家庭来说意义重大。 瓷砖还有多种纹理和颜色可供选择,让您自定义家居设计。

Carpet is ideal for the bedroom, as it provides a nice soft surface. Carpet can be made from solution-dyed nylon or wool, which have stain and spill resistant properties. However, carpets can be more difficult to clean than other flooring options and are not ideal for homes with pets in them. 地毯质地柔软,是卧室的理想选择。 地毯可以由溶液染色的尼龙或羊毛制成,具有防污和防溢性能。 但是,相较于其它的地板选择而言,地毯较难清洁,并不适合有宠物的家庭。

Wood is a natural material that looks beautiful and wears well. However, it needs maintaining, and it can be scratched and damaged. If you have pets or small children, it may be worthwhile considering a hardier option in the high foot traffic areas of your home. 木材是一种天然材料,看起来美观也经久耐用。 但是,这种材料易被划伤和损坏,需要小心保养才能用得长久。 如果家里有宠物或小孩,那么在家中经常走动的地方就得考虑使用更结实的地板材料。

There are many other options when it comes to floors, and it is best to get a professional opinion, especially if you are building a new home. 还有许多其它的地板选择,如果您不了解哪种地板最适合您家,最好征询专业意见,特别是在打造一个新家的时候。