As a home builder with years of experience, we know that families want freedom of choice in regards to either steel frame roofing or timber frame roofing. 作为拥有多年经验的住宅建筑商,我们知道为住宅选择钢框架还是木框架屋顶总是一件难以抉择的事。

To help you decide between steel frame roofing and timber frame roofing for your new home, below we have listed some benefits: 为了帮助您做出选择, 下面我们列出了它们各自的一些优劣:

The Top 4 benefits of steel frame roofing 屋顶钢架的四大优势:


  • Creative and precise 创意精确:Steel frame roofing is able to achieve non-conventional roof lines, should you be looking to integrate architecturally-inspired design traits into your new home. Steel frame roofing is also engineered to be very precise in its dimensions. 如果您希望给您的新家打造有创造性的建筑风格,那么钢框架屋顶能够实现非传统的屋顶线条。 其设计也非常精确。
  • Fast manufacture and install 快速制造和安装: Steel frame roofing can be manufactured around the clock in a weatherproof purpose-built facility, and is quite quick to install. 钢框架屋顶可以长期防风雨侵蚀,安装起来非常快。
  • Durable 耐用:Steel frame roofing is non-combustible and resistant to termites and European House Borer. 钢框架屋顶具有非可燃性,并且能抵抗白蚁和防蛀。
  • Green 环保 Steel frame roofing doesn’t contain chemicals or pesticides and is also recyclable. 钢框架屋顶不含化学品或农药,也可回收利用。

The Top 4 benefits of timber frame roofing 屋顶木框架的四大优势:


  • Versatile in its own right 用途广泛: Timber frame roofing is quite versatile, particularly in regards to creating long spans. Timber frame roofing trusses can extend up to 15 meters without internal supports, which can be particularly handy in open plan areas of new homes. 木框架屋顶非常通用,特别是在创建长跨度方面。 木框架屋顶桁架可以在没有内部支撑的情况下延伸达15米。
  • Low carbon footprint 低碳环保:Timber is a truly renewable construction material. It stores carbon safely away and requires less energy for its production. 木材是一种真正可再生的建筑材料。 它可以安全地储存碳,生产时所消耗的能源也更少。
  • Good thermal performance 良好的散热性能:Compared to steel frame roofing, timber frame roofing has excellent thermal properties. The large cavities in timber frame roofing also make it easy to insulate. 与钢框架屋面相比,木框架屋面具有优异的散热性能量。 木框架屋顶的大型空腔也使其易于隔热。
  • Aesthetics 美观: Many people love the look of timber in new homes, giving you the option to expose the beams of your timber frame roofing for a stylish effect. 许多人喜欢新房子里的木材外观。您可以选择露出木框架屋顶的横梁,获得时尚的效果。