8In this flashy and fast-paced business world, he is willing to stand on solid ground, and step by step to set up his own business.

His name is Ted Weng, a young man in Australia with a manufacturing dream. He was born in a Chinese family where pragmatism is the foundation of education. His grandfather and father both were senior engineers. He was taught to stand on ground and to despise extravagance and dissipated life since he was young.

Ted always kept these words told by family in mind. During working in the areas of transportation and installation, he then gradually had an idea of starting a business in joinery manufacturing.

6I asked Ted, “Why did you choose manufacturing as your business? Especially in the kitchen cabinets industry, which requires very high standards on funding, equipment, techniques and employees.”

Ted was silent for a while before he told me, “Manufacturing is relying on the credibility and quality, which is the foundation of a business brand, so a company can last for long. I had more experience of making kitchen cabinets before. It requires top quality of craftsmanship and was the most challenging job.

As soon as he had an idea of starting a kitchen cabinet business, Ted paid more attention to this area. He took any opportunity from work by learning knowledge of installation of kitchen cabinets. He started to know the demands of clients and to absorb any necessary knowledge.

Five years later, he finally set up TS Kitchen. During starting his enterprise, Ted read an article by chance that in Germany, a large percentage of kitchen cupboards have been used for over half century. It is very common that a set of kitchen cupboard will serve three generations of a household. Ted was deeply struck. What quality of these products would be? A fine kitchen and fine kitchen cupboards are of the most importance in our daily life, which will make people happy and increase the quality of life. A Fine set of kitchen cabinets requires not only gorgeous appearance, practicability and endurance, but also personalization. People spend one third of life time in the kitchen. Nowadays, more and more people lay emphasis on design and quality of kitchen.

Therefore, Ted made up his mind to manage TS Kitchen with high standard. He was resolved to make top quality kitchen cabinets. He admired severe attitudes towards work of German. So he purchased a whole set of latest production equipment from Germany by making a lumpsum payment of AUD$1.5 million. Even the sealing glues for cabinets were top brand imported from Germany, in order to ensure every detail of the products is made with high standard.

TS Kitchen provide thoughtful one-stop service from design to installation. With any dissatisfaction no matter before or after the installation, Ted’s team is always willing to make modifications until clients are fully satisfied. Furthermore, TS Kitchen is offering 10 years warranty to all customers. All of these come from Ted’s confidence in his products.7

In terms of Ted’s concept of founding this manufacturing business, he wants to change the view of others for the Chinese factories and products. He wants that “Chinese product” is no longer a synonym of low-cost, poor quality or non-durable product. He wants to let more people know that manufacturing business can be done like this.

What impressed me most, from the 1600 square meters of TS Kitchen factory, is not dirty, chaotic or people covering nose, but bright, spacious, very tidy, and with neatly placed production equipment. Although wood is used for cupboard production, but chips of wood could not be seen on the ground. The most important is that the dust extraction system very well in the factory where no peculiar smell nor choking sawdust into nose. It completely changed my view on traditional manufacturing buildings after visiting Ted’s factory.

A staff who followed Ted for 11 years told me that because the company made a significant investment in improving the production environment and safety of factory. Manufacturers are rarely willing to invest a large amount of money in the safety construction of factory. In such environment, employees are able to work contentedly so that the best quality of the products can be met. On the other hand, employees are willing to work hard and stably. A stable work team is a vital insurance for a company’s products andits development.

TS Kitchen precisely owns a concept of designing and producing a perfect kitchen. And each kitchen cupboard is committed to meet the user’s needs and increase its functionality, which is elaborately made in the pursuit of excellence. Ted hopes that, in one day, TS Kitchen brand which is built and run by himself could be able to pass down from generation to another, and then develop into a century-old company.

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