1 Club Diamondz art makes a house a home.  Club Diamondz fashion makes an evening an event.  Club Diamondz beauty makes a life, a lifestyle.  Welcome to the best-dressed world of Club Diamondz.

Sydney is full of such beauty!  She’s a magical destination.  She offers something unique and inspiringto each of her very special guests.

Whether a local, a visitor or an international VIP, Sydney will embrace you with her generous community spirit.  Sydney is beautiful to look at and she is postcard perfect in every way.  However some say it’s the city’s friendly heartbeat which is her most attractive and unique feature.

At Club Diamondz, we believe Sydney’s style is made up of so many special attributes, but Sydney wears one particular accessory which can be described as her most stylish.

The Sydney Opera House is the jewel in Sydney’s crown.  She stands tall on our harbour foreshore and sparkles like a white diamond.  She’s undoubtedly the grandest house in Australia and leaves a sensational impression upon each of her guests.


But what is it about her facade that attracts so much fascination?

And which of her many special qualities make her such an icon of Australia’s creative and technical achievement?


The Sydney Opera House’s soaring white roof draws inspiration from shell shaped boat sales.  What a brilliant concept by the genius architect Jorn Utzon.  His grand design, imagery and bold heroic vision created an Opera House that can be admired and experienced equally from each and every angle.


Completed in 1973 and soon celebrating a 50 yearmilestone, the Opera House looks absolutely divine for her years.  She’s aged so gracefully and has been acclaimed an international architectural icon of the 20thCentury.  For that, we will be forever grateful to the team that built her from the ground up.


The Sydney Opera House must be seen in person to be believed.  But to truly appreciate her beauty, you must step inside and listen to her song.


The luxurious sounds that resonate within the Opera House can send the senses on multiple and variableadventures.  The very best talents, musicians and vocalists have travelled great distances to perform on her spectacular stages.  With a simple key change and a skilled redirection, performers hold the ability to treat audiences to a whole new world of musical drama.



This year alone, our Club Diamondz members have experienced a number of VIP performances beneath the grand roof of the Sydney Opera House.

We adored concert pianist Lang Lang’s unsurpassed on stage artistry.  Time magazine lists this musical genius within the top 100 most influential in the world and seeing Lang Lang live, it was easy to understand why.  Many of our Club Diamondz VIP’s returned night after night to repeat the Lang Lang magic. He possesses the ability to steer the audience with only the delicate touch of his priceless hands.


And what a triumphant performance by the internationally acclaimed China’s Three Tenors.  After 60 concerts in major cities around the globe and an acclaimed performance for Queen Elizabeth I, the three tenors travelled by private plane to Sydney for a one night only by invitation Charity performance.  With thanks to the Australian China Reunification Association, Club Diamondz guests were transported by the vocal power of Warren Mok, Dai Yuqiang and Wei Song.  Their energy, charisma and charming appeal resonated right through to the very back row of the Opera House’s Concert Hall.

Most recently in 2016, the Sydney International Piano Competition grand final was live at the Opera House.  Black Diamondz founder Monika Tu was an official donor of the international competition and Club Diamondz members enjoyed weeks of classical performances by the very best from around the world.

It is referred to as the Olympics of the grand piano.  Held every four years and proclaimed the most significant and prestigious competition of its kind in the southern hemisphere, the competition is an undeniable feast for the senses. This year, the 2016 Sydney International Piano competition celebrated 40 years of classical magic and the talent flown in for the weeks of competition certainly didn’t disappoint.


Thirty-two virtuosos were flown in from each corner of the globe to compete in this grand and elite event.Selected from a record breaking 283 applicants, 12 semi-finalists and 6 grand finalists played it out on stage beneath the Sydney Opera House white shell roof.  Winners received priceless accolades including concerto and esteemed recital engagements at other iconic venues.   First place winner Andrey Gugnin from Russia will enjoy a prize pool featuring performances at Wigmore Hall London with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Mariinsky Piano Festival in St Petersburg and under the baton of world renowned conductor Maestro Valery Gergiev.


With thanks to the generous support of Black Diamondz and other partners, the Sydney International Piano Competition shipped in over AUD$2,500,000 of the very best grand pianos and awarded cash prizes exceeding $200,000.

As extravagant as the cash prizes were, nothing can compare to the value that the music brings to your soul.  The wise say that true beauty should come from within and these precious songs were played from the heart.

Thank you Sydney Opera House for bringing such beauty to our eye and music to our soul.  We stand in awe of the priceless style you bring to our city.