A Date with BC is the premium event platform developed by Australia China Business Circle. We invite phenomenal fi gures from different industries to keynote on the events and to network with HNWI participants.

The year of 2017 was a year of rapid growth for us. Australia China Business Circle held several offl ine events, inviting people from all walks of life to discuss about time management, top sales techniques, cross-border e-commerce solution and of course, business opportunities in 2018.

Let us have a look back to the Four sessions of “A Date with BC” events in 2017.

1.Conversation with the master of Time Management Wubin Ye (April 15th)

Event introduction:

With more people in the position of discouragement and procrastination due to the lack of time, Business Circle invited Time Management Master Wubin Ye to share his thoughts on how to manage time more effectively and embrace a disciplined lifestyle.

Ye believes every person can become a master of time if they live and work on a a fully planned and systematic schedule. He shared with the participant how to divide the time spend on different projects depending on their urgency and signifi cance, how to utilise multiple mobile apps in time management, etc. He also bolds advocates that people can and should work for two effi cient hours per day than eight long hours and be even more successful.

Guest information: Wubin Ye is the founder of the fi rst time management and education brand in China. He is also a famous broadcaster, attracting millions of listeners on China’s biggest broadcasting platform—– Himalaya FM. His time management classes have helped many people live a more effi cient life.

Sponsors’ feedbacks:

CEO of Australian Academy of Real Estate complimented the quality of this event, noting that Ye was quite inspiring for real estate investors who are dedicated to contributing first-hand and comprehensive investment strategies in the industry. He said that it was of great signifi cance for people with a fast-paced lifestyle to balance the relationships of work, investment and life. This lecture gave solutions to such problems. 50 participants purchased Ye’s time management course on site.


2.Conversation with Rich Dad’s Chinese executive trainer Mr. Pengjun Huang (August 19th)

Event introduction:

Many of the SMEs are facing a problem: as new enterprises for immigration, they are in a dilemma of not being able to catch up with China’s rapid development, nor receiving the well-established corporate trainings in Australia. And marketing has been the biggest bottleneck for most of the enterprises. Facing these issues, we hope to bring about the most effective management and training programs for the Chinese Entrepreneur Communities in Australia. Therefore, we invited Rich Dad’s Chinese executive trainer—Mr. Pengjun Huang to provide a corporate training classes to SME owners in Australia.

Huang believes every single person can be a master-level marketer, once their inner power and desire be lighted up. The secrets of successful selling power can be applied into all man’s career if they utilise the methodologies from the Sales Explosion Program that developed by Master Blair Singer.

Guest information: Pengjun Huang is a student of Master Blair Singer, a world-renowned speaker and a bestselling author. As the executive trainer in Taiwan, Mr. Huang has helped numerous enterprises and individuals find their own values and realise the importance of team works and execution. Ultimately, Mr. Huang has helped some of the corporates improve sales performance by 25%-90%.
Sponsors’ feedbacks:

Ironfish is one of the leading Real Estate firms in Australia, it has 18 branches across Australia and China and has helped thousands of families with property investment. Ironfish’s development projects such as the Whitehorse Towers and Melbourne Village MV have all received positive feedbacks from buyers and investors. As the sponsor of this event, Ironfish was thankful for the success of the event for its innovative thinking.


3.Conversation with Maggie Zhou—Managing Director of Alibaba Group, Australia and New Zealand (September 23rd)

Event introduction:

Business Circle were honoured to have Ms. Maggie Zhou—Managing Director of Alibaba Group ANZ, to share her insights on Alibaba as an economic entity and its global strategies. After the launch of Alibaba ANZ offi ce (located in Melbourne CBD), Jack Ma’s E-commerce Empire has fi nally reached Oceania.

As we see countless local brands seeking to work with Alibaba, an offl ine networking event will be of great benefi ts for both Alibaba and brands. Maggie, who is the No. 48 employee of this global E-commerce giant, reviewed the millstones of Alibaba Groups from year 2000 to 2017, and welcomed the vendors and local elite businesses to join the Alibaba E-commerce Ecosystem.
Guest information: Maggie Zhou has joined Alibaba since 2000. She was nominated as the only Commerce Ambassador by Victoria Government across Australia in 2017. She has been dedicated into helping the State of Victoria develop more business and investment opportunities through Alibaba’s e-commerce ecosphere.

Sponsors’ feedbacks:

Go People Express Delivery is honoured to sponsor this event and has gained lots of insights from Ms. Zhou. They believed in perfecting what they do. As a Sydney-based company, they are now ready to branch out to other cities in Australia.‘

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4.Conversation with Master Blair Singer—Global Sales Mentor (October 19th)

Event introduction:

Sales is currently the biggest problem many Chinese enterprises face in Australia, and sales volume is the pivotal factor that determines the success of a company. To help solve this issue, we invited Master Blair Singer to reveal the secrets to top sales.

BC previously received high volume of positive feedbacks from Mr. Pengjun Huang’s training course in August, and to have his mentor—Master Blair Singer to speak for SME owners can be a bold move. We thank Blair for his sacrifice and efforts to make this trip for Australia. And the Sales Explosion Program was very well sold on site as a result of his passionate presentation.

Guest information: Blair Singer is an entrepreneur, a trainer and a best-selling author. Once he was a newbie in sales, Blair encountered Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad during his trip in Hawaii. After taking a heavy hit running his own business, Blair managed to reverse the situation 9 months after. Blair has been dedicated to helping thousands of enterprises and individuals with business trainings. Many of the companies have experienced rapid revenue growth after the trainings.


Go Markets as the sponsor of is very honoured to witness this packed event. As a local online forex trading platform, Go Markets are willing to share industry information with you, provide you with professional investment advice, and we also hope our customers receive unlimited benefits. Thanks to Business Circle, we were able to present ourselves with Mr. Singer for audience to know us better. Surprisingly, a lot of them have expressed their interest in investment. We are very satisfied with this event and hope to work more closely with BC in the future.