Starting a business is not an easy task to accomplish, and why not do it in Australia? According to Austrade, Australia has a history of world leading innovations including Wi-Fi, Google Maps, Cochlear ear implant, etc. We also have 15 Nobel Prize winners, which is a lot if looking at the population- laureates ratio. We are among the most innovative people in renewable energy and biotechnology, and the list goes on.

Is commercialising Australia’s research an insurmountable challenge? Although Government enforced policies like R&D incentive, programs like Accelerating Commercialisation, in recent years, local case of worldly-known R&D commercialization are in lack. This, is a pain point that Digital Investment Group is trying to resolve.

Be Disruptive and Successful

“Digital Investment Group is a very diverse business with substantial investments in disruptive technology platforms, we also develop very sophisticated and high performing software applications.” Said Steve Prideaux, CEO of DIG.

He believes DIG is capable of providing the step by step incubation process for start-ups, from conceptualisation to commercialisation.

“It is important to understand that to build a world class platform you need to have world class systems and people to work with. The team and partners at DIG provide the best environment for this to occur.”

Besides that, Steve is proud of the great functionality of the DIG Team. “Our brilliant people are more than developers, our structure ensures that all legal compliance, development, business planning, intellectual property protection, forecasting and marketing is the best and supported by the most genuine incubation process in Australia. We have outstanding digital strategists who assist in defining the correct strategy, improve the product offering and ensure business goals are met and executed for long-term success.”

Embrace the Chinese Entrepreneurs

The vision of DIG is to provide a world class environment for clients and their projects, no matter what race or cultural background they came from. “We partner with our clients to turn ideas into world class products. The success of our clients ensures our success and our journey to be the biggest and best IT partners and incubators will be realised with this vision as our core principle.”

Mr. Prideaux mentioned that DIG would be happy to add in some Chinese culture into its workplace. “Our team has developed a solid understanding of Chinese culture by having provided internships and creating strong relationships with the Australian Chinese community. This has strengthened our mutual bonds and friendships leading to some personally investing in our business.”

“Chinese entrepreneurs can be confident that DIG can embrace them totally and ensure that the pathway we have developed will provide the best environment for them to be successful, we engage with them from the very first meeting and work through a 5 Phase process continually assessing, analysing and improving the concept at every stage. DIG’s tried and tested process combined with our outstanding people gives confidence from the very first meeting that we can achieve excellence.”

He explained that this partnership process commences with an initial validation meeting to define the requirements of the concept. At the meeting DIG would assess the opportunity and explain the Concept Development Process so that both parties will have a complete understanding of the partnership.

Two partners of DIG---CEO Mr. Steve Prideaux and Director of Corporate Development Mr. Leon Davies

Two partners of DIG—CEO Mr. Steve Prideaux and Director of Corporate Development Mr. Leon Davies

But What are the five steps that DIG adopt to ensure the success of start-ups? Let’s have a closer look:


Empower yourself, Invest With DIG

In the interview, Steve suggests that DIG is not only an investment institution but also has highly commercialised project portfolio. Therefore, in addition to its own projects, the company itself is also a promising investment option.

DIG has either developed or invested in a number of platforms, one an online platform called Waxii which is a new revolution in the valuation, trading & wholesaling of automobiles, DIG also has a marketing platform, Avant Garde Agency, a start-up incubator, Start Up In A Box, the online ticketing platform ZenTix, mobile application testing platform App Insight
(licenced from Headspin in the US) and is currently developing property buyer auto matching platform Home Connector plus passive job search platform, Hoo Works.

DIG has also entered into an agreement to purchase a leading market research and data analytics company with an outstanding software platform that will assist it in rapidly growing the various business verticals.

Many of the DIG platforms have the capability of international expansion and that process is part of the DIG growth vision.


To show investors an intuitive perspective on the return of investment in DIG, we also invited Steve to show us the revenue forecast for each project in the next four years, and to analyze the statistics to prove the credibility of these data.

As we can see, 2018 will be a year in which DIG has been diligently working on project commercialisation. The four projects that generate profits and losses can bring the company a total income of nearly 50,000 Australian dollars, which is not too impressive. The DIG shares will remain only AUD 0.1 per share before May 2018.

From the second half of 2019, nine innovative projects will be put into operation under the DIG platform, and each of them is expected to generate revenues ranging from 220,000 to 2.35 million Australian dollars. Car rental platform Waxii will provide about 1/3 of the total revenue.

It is worth mentioning that the chart shows that Home Connector platform, will generate nearly 19 times more revenue in 2020 than in 2019. This growth seems unusual. Holding a forensic attitude, we specifically asked Steve to explain the origin of this data.

Here is the break-down of Home Connector’s Revenue forecast from Year 2019-2022 Transaction revenue per lead for Real Estate Launching Feb 2019
Ending FY 19 with 5,500 Agents and $1,750,755 Revenue producing $380,155 EBITDA
Ending FY 20 with 7,795 Agents and $9,879,000 Revenue producing $4,093,419 EBITDA Ending FY21 with 9,475 Agents and $14,040,000 Revenue producing $6,109,010 EBITDA Ending FY 22 with 9,925 Agents and $16,425,000 Revenue producing $7,235,080 EBITDA


Steve is confidenct that DIG will be fully profitable in the future, and will bring rich returns to investors. According to the equity price list made by him and the another partner, the current DIG share price — AUD 0.1 per share will increase to AUD 2.41 per share by 2022. The estimated profit rate for the four-year investment is approximately 2,310%. As for specific investment method and withdrawal policies, Steve chooses to share with investors through offline activities and business networking.

Steve said that investing in DIG is not just about money, but also investing your projects. For Chinese people who are interested in starting a business in Australia, DIG is happy to offer your project with a one-stop personal coaching ranging from concept development to commercialisation. This will reduce the market testing costs of entrepreneurs and the channel costs during the initial stage.

What’s even more interesting is that in 24 May, DIG will partner with Australia China Business Circle to conduct a two-day Innovation Startup Masterclass for the New South Australian Business innovation Visa subclass 188

(provisional) ( au/peterdutton/Pages/supporting-innovation-in-south-australia.aspx) as well as the traditional 188E Applicants. The two-day workshop aims to prepare the entrepreneurs and start-ups for business excellence in Australia market while helping them to apply for permanent residency through Business Visas.