A group of Chinese started a craze for charity in early May in Melbourne. On the 6th of May, nearly 300 caring people participated in the Business Circle and met Mr. Deng Fei face-to-face. This is also the 2nd season launching ceremony of “Free lunch for children, Love from Australia” program, which is jointly organized by Australian China Education Foundation (ACEF) and the Free lunch Foundation.


Mr. Zeng Jianhua, Vice-President of the Consulate General of China in Melbourne, Mr. Nie Wenkai, Consul of the Education Department and Mr. Marty Mei, Multicultural Affairs Adviser to Premier of Victoria, were invited to this philanthropic event.

Until now, the second season of ‘Free Lunch for Children, Love from Australia’ program has totally raised a fund of $ 74,904, including $60398 donation for the “Free Lunch” program and $14,506 for administrative purposes. The amount of fund raised has bypassed its palnned target of $45,000. thanks to the sponsors, groups, corporate partners, and all caring people.


At the beginning of the event, Ms. Karen Wang stated in her welcome remark: Instead of a launching ceremony, today is more like a thanksgiving event. The event fully proves the love and positive energy of the Chinese in Australia! During the four years from January 18, 2014, the establishment day of foundation, ACEF has undertaken 4 Chinese Projects, 3 Australian Projects, and raised nearly $600,000 Australia dollars in total! This not only shows the economic strength of the Chinese, but also presents that the Chinese are a loving group. This is one of the values of our foundation. While helping others, we also want to tell mainstream Australian society that chinese not only drive luxury cars and purchase luxury homes, but we are also willing to make contributions, help others, and contribute to our motherland and our second home-Australia.

For four years, the foundation worked steadily and made solid progress, two honorary Presidents of the foundation and seven presidents of the Executive Committee have worked on a voluntarily basis. All the donations for the project have been donated to the recipients. And we have taken the initiative to get top ten audit firms in Australia to audit our foundation. We only hope to make use of our limited ability and appeal to spread more love, so that we can be a Chinese team among thousands of charity foundations in Australia!

In the future, ACEF will aim at developing into a professional organization. I hope that capable and caring members can join us, so that the foundation can rise to a new level, and charity can be a way of daily life for Chinese people.

Zeng Jianhua affirmed the event in his speech and said it reminded him that he had just worked in the 1980s. Although his monthly salary was only 72 yuan, he also kindly donated 200 yuan to the Hope Project. Even though it was equivalent to three-month’s pay, this could help a primary school student in Gansu to study from first grade to primary school graduation. He was touching by this event and he would like to give the greatly support to the “Free Lunch” Program.

He said the foundation had chosen an excellent perspective for charity, that is, education, because “what is worse than living in poverty is intellectual poverty”. China’s poverty alleviation projects had made good achievements, but China’s educational poverty alleviation still had a long way to go. Therefore, educational poverty alleviation not only depended on the efforts of the government, but also needed the support from all walks of lifes. Therefore, he was particularly pleased to see Mr. Deng Fei and ACEF join China and Australia to contribute to the cause of educational poverty alleviation in China.

Mr. Marty Mei said that the seed of “Free Lunch for Children” arrived in Australia across the ocean and caused the butterfly effect in charity. In Victoria, one out of every seven children go to school hungry. Because of that, Victoria Government established the ‘Free Breakfast’ project in 2017. This idea is inspired by the idea of “Free Lunch for Children” from Mr. Deng Fei.

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors, Mr. Pan Yuan Sheng said that China Southern Airlines was also deeply moved by charity. China Southern Airlines set up the “Ten Cents” Care Foundation in 2005. “Ten Cents” means that when a passenger takes Southern Airlines flight, China Southern Airlines will donate “Ten Cents” into the foundation. All funds will provide financial aid or reward for social welfare activities such as helping the poor, aiding students and promoting education.

Group photo for Deng Fei and sponsors & donation groups

Group photo for Deng Fei and sponsors & donation groups

ACEF will also organize a return visit to the children who are funded this year. Wang Yongfu, Vice President of the ACEF China Program, introduced a visit to Donggou Primary School in Tianshui, Gansu Province, the counterpart school of “Free Lunch for Children” in early July 2018.

Let’s take a look at the children who benefited from the first season.

Chen Yin, Vice President, also introduced the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place at Jin Rong No. 7 Primary School in Malipo County, Yunnan Province, in late September. The school was donated $150,000 Australian dollars by the honorary president of ACEF, Nie Taojin and his wife. After a year of construction, Nie Taojin and his wife have donated to build six primary schools in Xiushui, Jiangxi Province. The Jin Rong No. 7 Primary School in Malipo County, Yunnan Province, is the nearest primary school in China to the border with Vietnam. These activities are all during the school holiday of Australian students. All the parents, children, and caring people are welcome to participate in the return visit, making education begin with love and continue with it.


In the auction part of the event, the auction item was an economy class return ticket between China and Melbourne, provided by China Southern Airlines Melbourne offi  ce. A lot of caring people in the spirit of charity raised their hands again and again, and the ticket was auctioned to Ms. Wang Shuping at $950 Australia dollars.

On-site auction and lucky draw

On-site auction and lucky draw

The lucky draw was also exciting, and prizes included Salt Lake accommodations, three boxes of gift kits provided by Rohr Remedy—-an Australian local medicine and skin care product, six boxes of Squalene Plus and six boxes of Propolis Capsules provided by Aussia, an Australian local health brand and Deng Fei’s 10 autograph book Tenderness Changes China.

At the end of the event, Deng Fei and Mr. Zeng Jianhua, Vice-President of the Consulate General sent out trophies to the sponsors, donor groups and caproate partners and took group photo. The children who participated in the fund-raising through their own efforts also went on stage to take photos with the guests. Thanks to caring people from all walks of life again for dedicated support for the event.

(This article was written in Chinese and translated by a third party licensed translator, BC reserves all the rights for the final explanation. )