The blockchain market has been surging in the past years, drawing unceasing attention of investors around the world. Meanwhile, with the deepening understanding of blockchain technologies, more enterprises in the real economy are actively participating in the Blockchain industry.


In order to guide investors (internationally) to an easier way of property investment and to share the growth dividends of the global property markets, Dr. James Zhong, a Chinese entrepreneur from Australia, who founded Tycoon Global in early 2018, aims to build a more reliable economic system through Blockchain technologies. It aims to increase the efficiency of real estate value certification, exchange, and transformation, thereby creating a brand new Real Estate ecosystem.

Dr. James Zhong was reported by China’s leading media as a successful young entrepreneur as well as the founder of a China-Australia technology incubator called Sinovation Ventures (AU).

He said, “The Tycoon Global’s cryptocurrency token—TCT, may be the only one on the market that can continuously be used to purchase real estate assets.”

Tycoon Global Real Estate Investment Platform (hereafter referred to as Tycoon Global) is an Ethereum-based, decentralized property investment, trading, and management platform.

Through a decentralized blockchain platform, Tycoon Global directly connects international investors to cross-boarder real estate assets. Using the new Australian residential properties and commercial real estate management as an entry point, Tycoon Global builds a new real estate ecosystem including investment, development, construction, project management, property management and transactions based on transparency, openness and blockchain-powered trust.

Unlike some ostensible blockchain project on the market, TCT token will be endorsed by genuine application such as lands and real estates. The purchase of TCT tokens equals to the purchase of properties of equivalent value. From this point of view, the TCT is a “cryptocurrency for real estate”, realizing the expectation that investors will be empowered to purchase houses using TCT tokens.

With the rich experience that Tycoon Global team gained from real estate development over the years, we believe that this blockchain platform will bring ‘double surprise’ on both real estate and blockchain markets.

The TCT plans to be listed on the leading digital currency exchange CoinTiger on 16th July 2018. It will be promoted in the CoinTiger Labs from 9th July 2018.

In addition to the dedicated spend of the raised funds raised for global property development and acquisition, Tycoon Global will join hands with the foundation that we have established in Singapore, to gradually build a comprehensive Blockchain ecosystem.

In addition, we learned that Tycoon Global Labs Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Tycoon Global, has confirmed plans to jointly invest in the establishment of a blockchain R&D centre with a prestigious Australian University.

We believed that in the near future, TCT will become an irreplaceable cryptocurrency for the property investors around the world.

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