Lord Mayor:“I will encourage creative ways of growing Melbourne’s inclusive cultural and business environment to ensure future prosperity for all Melburnians and our neighbours.

I want to make Melbourne a city that supports people who choose to work, study and live here from abroad ‒ and to encourage these people to share their own culture and ideas with the Melbourne community to the benefi t of everyone.”

“It’s great to see the City of Melbourne’s relations with sister city Tianjin growing with the times.  We have had an offi  ce in Tianjin since 1998.  As well as the deep cultural and people-to-people links, we have a strong economic partnership. Tewoo, Tianjin’s largest SOE, recently established a headquarter in Melbourne.  It is also great to see growing collaboration between our two cities in smart cities technology, start-ups and entrepreneurs.


I see Tianjin as Melbourne’s anchor in China, and our gateway to the rest of China. Melbourne is also going to deepen our engagement with Chengdu/Sichuan, Jiangsu Province and the Greater Bay Area of Hong Kong, Macau and the nine key cities of Guangdong, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. On my visit to China early next year I will be joining in the 40th anniversary celebration of sister state relations between Jiangsu and Victoria. I also hope to visit Nanjing, the Greater Bay Area, Tianjin and Chengdu.”

“I am extremely proud of Melbourne’s lively street culture. There are nearly 2,000 buskers on our city streets performing a diversity of entertainment, creating enjoyable street amenities for our students, workers and local residents. However, in this increasingly cashless society where we all carry less spare change, the earnings and viability of busking is threatened.


The City of Melbourne was delighted to partner with Alipay to pilot cashless busking in Melbourne, to support our busking culture and encourage new ways to help them grow their audience and receive donations.

We are one of the only two cities in the world piloting this concept and the world’s first to include Chinese consumers preferred mobile payment solution on top of tap n’ go card payment technology.

Over 600,000 Chinese visitors arriving in Melbourne each year and 15,000 Chinese international students living or studying here are now able to interact
with Melbourne’s lively street culture – the Alipay app will enable them to find where individual buskers are and make donations to support their favourite buskers.


This is one of many joint initiatives that the City of Melbourne has conducted in partnership with our China partners. It is also a great demonstration of how technology In supporting our Chinese business residents, the City of Melbourne has enjoyed a longstanding and fruitful partnership with the Chinatown Precinct Association. From as early as the year 2000, the City of Melbourne has provided annual funding support to the Chinatown Precinct Association through its Precinct Program, which provides annual financial support to recognised and incorporated associations representing individual traders in nominated consumer-relevant areas within the municipality to contribute to our goal of economic prosperity can help to encourage cross-culture engagement between our people.”

“This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Chinese settlement in Australia. As I mentioned, Chinese migrants helped build and shape Melbourne’s distinctive history, dating back to the gold rush of the 1850s. In 2018, our diverse modern city is home to people from nearly 200 nations, practising 135 different faiths – a multicultural success story to tell about Melbourne.

In a welcoming and prosperous city, Chinese communities continue to play a valuable role in many aspects of Melbourne’s economic and social life. I am proud to acknowledge the contributions by Chinese communities and in supporting the ONE MILLION STORIES: Chinese Australians 200 Years exhibition organised by the Museum of Chinese Australian History for early 2019.


The Chinese New Year Festival is one of the most popular events in Melbourne’s multicultural calendar. The City of Melbourne supports Chinese New Year through our Triennial Sponsorship Program. Both Melbourne Dai Loong Association and Chinese New Year United receive finding to deliver Chinese New Year events across Chinatown and the wider city.  Both organisation were endorsed by Melbourne City Council in July 2017 for 3 years of funding (2018, 2019, and 2020 events).

A majority of international students attending campuses across Melbourne are from China. The City of Melbourne is partnering with the Australia China Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs (ACASE) organisation to launch the Global Students Entrepreneurship Program (G-STEP).

G-Step is a six-month long program developed to foster international students’ innovative thinking and increase their skills by partnering them with Melbourne startups. I’m very excited to see a high percentage of Chinese students have registered for this program, and I know they will greatly benefit from it. In this way, the City of Melbourne is giving back to an important community stakeholder group while supporting our start-up community to achieve success.”