It has always been the ultimate goal of ancient Chinese  Medicine to make people live longer and healthier, and this first goal is also what Dr Zhang and Dr Jing as a couple have been pursuing for more than 30 years.

In the 1980’s, they graduated with degrees of traditional Chinese Medicine in North China University of. Their five years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory study has laid a solid theoretical foundation for future diagnosis and treatment practice.

In the 1990s, selected by the Chinese government, they went to Switzerland and Kenya to promote the use of traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment method.

During the overseas medical treatment practice, they deeply realised that one doctor’s ability is limited.—-Disease prevention is better than cure, teaching patients health lifestylesis better than disease prevention.


TCM theory is different from modern medicine: As modern medicine focusing on the disease, TCM want to study how people don’t get sick as well as How to adjust oneself ability to regain health after getting ill.

There is an old Chinese idiom: It is better to teach one to fish than giving them fish.

The main force fighting disease is the patient, not the doctor.

To teach a man how to live and prevent disease is better than cure one’s condition.

In 2003, Dr Zhang immigrated to New Zealand and set up a TCM clinic there.

After working in the busy clinic, the couple also actively promoted and worked for the local minority ethnic group to publicise the health concept of TCM and change their unhealthy living habits. Dr Jing was also invited to introduce TCM on national TV one in NZ. Doctor Zhang also asked to publish some articles in the local newspaper.

Different from modern medicine theories, the traditional Chinese medicine regards human as a whole which closely related to nature. Why people got the sick, one of the reason is that the relationship between people and nature was gone awry. One is the illness caused by the deviation of the relationship between people. The other reason is the function of each organ inside the human body produced incongruously.


Prevention of disease is the way of keeping health through traditional Chinese medicine. It suggests us to adapt to the change of seasons, intake abstemious food, healthy living, do what you can, the spirit should remain idyllic, The vital energy is stored inside, protects against outside pathogen, so it cannot intervene with the body.

At the beginning of this year, they moved the Lotus Chinese medical clinic from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne. Since the clinic opened, they have provided local residents with quality TCM diagnosis and treatment service. They combine the traditional Chinese herbs and acupuncture methods to treat various difficult miscellaneous disease.

There is an old saying in China, the best doctors can govern the country, the good doctors treat people, and the average doctors only treat disease. To give the best service for the Australian patients and people, they moved here.