Traditional construction projects have always entailed heavy labour work, low production efficiency, slow construction progress, prolonged construction period, large consumption of materials, high building costs and environmental damage. How may recent developments in technology help the industry satisfy the latest needs of modern housing?


Is there a type of construction that does not face these problems, that provides safety, comfort, durability and sustainability all at once? Zhou Xinghe, Chairman of Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. was certain and proud of his answer:

“Yes, green assembled buildings are the solution. Xinghe Building Materials’ assembled construction – with its “building block” style construction method – turns safe and green construction into a simple and immediate reality.”

Thirty Years Devoted to R&D of New Product

Creator and founder of Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. Zhou Xinghe came from Santai County in Sichuan Province, China. Currently at the age of 65, he devoted the past 28 years to the research and invention of a world-astonishing new type of construction material made from one or more plant fibres suitable for building houses and bridges.


Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. (“Xinghe” or “Xinghe Building Materials”) was founded by Zhou Xinghe in 1990. Xinghe currently owns 15 joint stock enterprises within China and 27 overseas as well as 4 R&D bases across the world. Since its establishment, the company has made remarkable progress in the R&D, production and application of new building materials. Thanks to its outstanding business performance and comprehensive strength, it has always maintained the leading position among its competitors. The technology used in Xinghe’s materials, which is beyond other companies’ similar products by 20 to 50 years, is set to be the milestone to revolutionise the industry of building materials.

The green assembled houses built with Xinghe’s materials are characterised by “7 Free’s” and “7 Proofs”. The buildings are steel reinforcement-free, cement-free, brick-free, beam-free, prop-free, stone-free and structural piece-free. Meanwhile, they are also fire-proof, flood-proof, earthquake-proof, freeze-proof, crack-proof and resistant of vermin damage and degradation.


According to Zhou Xinghe, the green assembled buildings by Xinghe company boasts four major strengths – light weight, fast construction, high quality and low cost. The environmentally friendly, light weight material can hold with great strength and its earthquake resistant quality also helps save the costs of foundation and groundwork. The materials canenable high quality construction, high level of industrialisation, greater usable area within buildings, dry construction that is not affected by change of seasons. The construction process also uses less water and is noise- and dust-free. The complete duration of construction is less than 10% of the traditional method, while costing only half of traditional construction. Suitable for various climates and environments, the new type of material is reusable and hence reduces construction waste and pollution. It also stimulates the development of other new construction materials, pushing for more advanced industrialised production.

A Promise to Enhance Construction Safety with High Quality Materials Zhou Xinghe has devoted all his passion to developing high and new technologies. Over the years he has gained profound understanding on recruiting and training talents, perfecting management methods, upgrading products, expanding business scale and capital operations. Before making decisions, he always gathers ideas from those around him and makes the most out of their strengths, while learning modestly from experts and the management team as well as carrying out in-field market and feasibility research. Once a decision is made, Zhou Xinghe works vigorously and speedily with strong determination, never giving up before reaching his goal. Over the years, he has barely made an error, driving his company fast towards success.


Zhou Xinghe always keeps his words and delivers his plans. “Our plan is just to concentrate on our products,” he said, “and continue to build a positive environment for R&D and enhance our technology. We want to stay away from external distractions, and to eventually make a statement with the quality of our product. To gain recognition from our domestic and international clients and become a leading business in our industry.” From 1998 to 2018, Xinghe Building Materials has contributed to the setting of local, industrial and national quality standards, and has obtained over 60 national patents.

Leading the Trend of Green Construction to Benefit the World

The development in green construction signifies that the industry will focus on promoting green building and construction work through the use of advanced construction materials and optimisation of IT structure as well as mode of service. The industry will continue to cut down on the use of energy, water, land and materials, while reducing pollution to protect the environment and increasing the level of comfort and safety for residential buildings. Not only does this mark the transition of the mode of development for the construction industry and urban development, it is also directly linked to public interests and the long-term interests of the nation. Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. makes use of recycled straw as a renewable building material for houses and bridges, which guarantees the hardness and strength of buildings and can reduce traditional construction work’s dust and noise pollution to the maximum, ensuring a completely green process, without causing any secondary pollution.

“As an entrepreneur, of course I’m also thinking about economic benefits. But I’ve thought it through a couple of years ago – money is nothing but a number, and can be easily forgotten… As for my life, I’d describe it with three words: work, influence, market. For the past decades I’ve been working
on developing my products, from now on I’ll focus on creating influence for my products and technology.” Zhou Xinghe’s vision for his company is
to take its team beyond the borders of China and promote his invention globally to benefit the rest of the world. At present, products of Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. are not only fast sellers in the Chinese domestic market, but have also made their way to foreign markets across Asia, Africa and America. With the core technology, Xinghe’s products are in step with the trend of the times and have received praise and support from environmentalists around the world. The company’s complete success in both domestic and overseas markets seems to be just a matter of time.

Xinghe Building Materials Co., Ltd. believes in the Chinese saying “peach and plum trees need not speak, yet a path is born beneath them”, or “a man of sincerity attracts admiration”. The company will let its product quality speak for itself and believes that, given some time, its leading products in green construction will receive recognition from clients around the globe.