On Feb.18, a stunning black tie gala dinner at The Star Event Centre in Sydney thrilled local Chinese-Australian business and celebrity circle. 500 guests from Sydney and other major metropolises gathered for the celebration of the official debut of Hurun Report in Australia with the ceremony of Hurun Australia-China Awards recognizing corporates and individuals on their outstanding contribution and achievements in Australia-China exchanges. Also, this glamorous event enabled Sydney to join 2019 Hurun’s Global Lunar Chinese New Year Celebration as the final destination after Shanghai, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London, Istanbul and Luxemburg.


As was depicted by Australian Financial Review, these 500 guests include “Chinese community’s most well-heeled personalities”. The entire venue was specially decorated in red theme. The evening was started by a cocktail party and red carpet photographing in front of the theme banner, with a skyblue Aston Martin Vantage displayed aside, La Prairie hand massagers busy serving the guests and 10 pastry chefs parachuted from China making fresh Gou Bu Li pork buns.

“It’s the most luxury but meaningful gala dinner I’ve ever attended”, said a well-known solicitor in Chinese community. A white Aston Martin DB11 was put right in the center of the 500 guests. Channel 7’s Kylie Gillies jointed Dion Woo to host this night of extravaganza. She and both female performers (cellist Hanna Blikov and violinist Jane Cho) were wearing exquisite dresses from Vera Wang.


The event attracted Australian Olympic champion Ian Thorpe, “Father of Federal Parliament” the Hon. Philipp Ruddock MP, world famous stylist Tony (Dongtian) LI. Apart from the strategic partners The Star, Australian Turf Club and PwC Australia, the event also has particular philanthropy focuses on Australian Ballet’s next official trip to China and Susan Rockefeller’s initiative of Protect What Is Precious promoting marine environment sustainability and plastic pollution awareness.

Rupert mentioned in his keynote speech that coming to Australia is part of Hurun Report’s global strategy, and he wishes to take this great opportunity to build a Global Chinese Friends Circle. As an “immigrant” from Great Britain to China, Hurun experienced the rise of China’s civil economy and witnessed the success of Chinese entrepreneurs. He deeply understands China’s social economy and feels impressed on achievements of Chinese business.

“In the last 20 years, China has created more wealth than any country in the world in the history of the world. And that is saying something – that it is faster than the industrial revolution, faster than America 250 years ago.”


20 years ago, Rupert started to analyze Chinese richest business people by putting them in a list with order, which enabled millions of western watchers to know about Chinese entrepreneurs and their stories. Hurun Report could be a window for westerners to look through to understand China. In the past 20 years, Hurun Reports has incorporated Philanthropy Report, Art Collection Report, by not only list the riches for their financial wealth, which reflects the development and innovation of Chinese entrepreneurs as well as the public awareness of entire contemporary Chinese society. Meanwhile, this helps supervise and the entrepreneurs to be more considerate in their public image and always reminded to be rich and decency.

From 15 years ago, Rupert was requested by the top level of business people in China to introduced western education recourse and information. Up to now, education has become a significant pillar of Hurun Report and he is pleased to see that his entrepreneur friends expanded their overseas network through children’s overseas schoolmates and their own EMBA alumni.  

Rupert praised Australia in its food quality, lifestyle and friendly environment for Chinese business people to connect or immigrant. As of Rupert’s view on Australia, real estate will still be a good direction to invest despite the current downturn, and there is still much more potential in promoting and level up its education industry.

Hanna Oblikov的大提琴演奏,礼服由Vera Wang赞助

Rupert is confident in China’s current and future economy. Despite the downturn on China’s stock market which caused the shrink of market value in traditional businesses, the “newcomers” who popped on the rich list represent the market trend of Chinese economy, in digital market, social media and blockchain will play increasingly important roles.

Actually, not only the guests, even Rupert Hoogewerf himself, spokes highly of the entire organization of Hurun Report’s Sydney partner on forging this amazing event. He said: “Among all the Hurun CNY Gala Dinners in eight cities, Sydney’s is the best. Ryan and his team made this wonder with superb event presentation and top-level guests.”

Ryan Gollan, a Beijing born entrepreneur, has spent almost two decades in Sydney, with outstanding success in brand strategy, wealth management, art patronage and philanthropy. He started communicating with Hurun Report team about this collaboration from seven years ago and has worked on it in the past two year to make it happen. Coinciding the core value of Hurun Report to foster A Global Chinese Friends Circle, Ryan is committed to his sense of mission to help Chinese Australian community in business, investment, art, culture, education, Nextgen empowerment and philanthropy.

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