What is Global Mentor Board(GMB)

GMB is an online fusion (OMO) smart internet —a leading intelligence sharing and enterprises mutual assistance platform, which is composed of thousands of professional mentors including outstanding entrepreneurs, famous scientists, rich investors, and experts of various fields, to make great contribution for all our members to each corner of their business development, such as: providing guideline, cooperation between enterprises, offering the business resources and etc. At present, GMB is honored to present more than 1,280 top mentors including: former minister of Foreign Affairs, LI Zhaoxing; Chairman of Viva China Holdings Limited, LI Ning; founder of the Hang Seng Group, HUANG Dacheng; Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, ZHOU Tongyu, etc;

The headquarter of GMB was set up in Shanghai and 6 subsidiaries were built in Beijing, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities, partners are throughout the country in more than 100 cities in China.

At this moment, GMB is waiting for the final approval of the NASDAQ listing. It is expected to “knock the clock” at the end of this year or early next year. After the listing, the platform of the division will be further opened. The most important of these is internationalization. It is expected to absorb 10,000 to 50,000 tutors worldwide and absorb as many as 50 to 80 million members.

Intelligence sharing: online and offline training, summits, forums, entrepreneurial project incubation, master diagnosis consultation, resource channels;

Enterprises Mutual Assistance: Mentors, members and partners learn from each other, help each other, trade with each other, and invest to each other.

Successful implementation

GMB assisted more than 1,000 projects, 25 companies in obtaining private equity financing. The total financing amount surpassed RMB 3 billion (AUD628.4 Million ) during the past four years.

Case Studies from GMB members

  1. Li Qingxing—Shanghai Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) Co., Ltd.: As GMB member, with the help and investment from Global Mentor Board, our company developed rapidly. On May 25, 2016, our company was officially listed on the “NEEQ” (Stock Code: 837621), and at the same time, it became the first commercial conference company listed on the “NEEQ” in China.
  2. Zhu Fangyi—-China Wuzhen Yichuan Technology Company: I have been anxious of the fund of the Chuanbei Intelligent payment project. Therefore I visited the Global Mentor Board. After the strategic communication and recommendation, I succeeded in obtaining 5 million yuan of financing, and got the opportunity to work with the appliance vendors, and also communicated with the Provincial Home Appliances Association.
  3. Feng Tianren—-Shanghai Yilian Logistics Networks Company—-I am a diamond member of GMB, during an offline study activity, I met Yue Wenhao, a platinum member, through the introduction of the customer service of the Global Mentor Board. We reached cooperation after several communications and exchanges. We jointly funded the establishment of Shanghai Yilian Logistics Networks Company and led to complete the LNG multi-style logistics scheme.
  4. Wang Cheng—-Shandong Enya Garment Technology Co., Ltd.: I am a well-known fashion designer in Hong Kong. Mr. Hu Haiping, chairman of the Global Mentor Board, and Mr. Ying Jinhai, supervisor of the Global Mentor Board, have jointly invested in Enya after having a deep understanding of my company (Enya Technology), which made Enya have more opportunities to develop. The Global Mentor Board not only serves the members, but also the mentors.

For more information and case studies about GMB, please visit GMB website below: http://www.sdh365.com/en/.

The Grand Opening of AGMB International Fortune Club

On November 12, 2019, AC Bridge International Group and the GMB held a ceremony to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Australia GMB International Fortune Club in Eureka 89, the highest building in Melbourne.


Mr. Hu Haiping, founder of the GMB; Mr. Zhang Yidong, Director of the GMB; Representative of Australian Prime Minister – Ms. Gladys Liu; Mr. Michael Roux, Founder of ADC Forum; Mr. Duncan Harris, Chairman of Mossgiel Group; Mr. Nick Yan, Senior Investor Relations Manager of Victoria Investment Bureau; Prof. Heling Shi,Professor of Monash University Business School; and Professor On Kit Tam, Vice President of the Australian China Business Council Victoria are joining the ceremony with other around 100 entrepreneurs, investors and academia.


Founder of AGMB International Fortune Club and President of AC Bridge International Group, Karen Wang, delivered the welcome speech. As an intelligence sharing platform, GMB is going public on NASDAQ only after establishment in less 5 years. Today, we are very honored to jointly establish AGMB International Fortune Club in Australia, the first overseas branch of GMB. This is an event with historical significance.

Through the GMB platform with thousands of top mentors , hundreds of regions with more than 5.37 million registered entrepreneur users, we will help the Australian projects, products and venture capitals, which are ready to enter the Chinese market, directly to the right track, to the vast, professional, responsibility and mission platform. At the same time, helping the venture capital from China to have a solid practical base in Australia.

At the same time, we are also very honored to have been working with many mainstream Australian institutions to have our Australian local mentors from government, enterprises and financial industry to provide Australian on-the-ground advice and guidance to our members.

The convergence of platforms and resources will greatly boost Australia-China business. Let us remember this day, let us start from today, platform co-prosperity, vibrant!


Ms. Gladys Liu warmly congratulated the establishment of the club. She said that the altruism spirit is the key to accomplishing great things. She believes that a platform will be prosperous if they are able to empower the users.


Mr. Michael Roux, founder of ADC Forum, said in his keynote speech that no matter how the society changes, the relationship and link between people, and the sharing of knowledge and resources remain significant. And the platform is the key to achieving this.


President of Global Mentor Board—Mr. Hu Haiping also delivered a wonderful keynote speech. As soon as he took the stage, he seized the attention of the guests in fluent English. President Hu reveals the original intention of the founding of GMB, which was to help Chinese SMEs to overcome the difficulties of competitiveness and achieve transformation and growth. He made every effort to bring together domestic and international first-class entrepreneurs, investors, and outstanding people from all walks of life to form a team of mentors and set up a platform for them. In addition to the all-star domestic mentor team, they also included overseas co-chairs including the partnership with American Medical Council, American Academy of Sciences, and entrepreneurs.



In the panel discussion, the moderator and panelists discussed ‘What are the pain points of SMEs?’ and ‘What role does the platform play in empowering local SMEs?’ .

In general, regardless of China and Australia, the guests agree that the shortage of talent, the risk of cross-border transactions, the cost of trust, the unclear positioning of the company and products, the lack of leadership, and the rapid technical iteration are the pain points commonly felt by SMEs.  A mature corporate service platform can reduce risks, build trust, pool resources, provide entrepreneurs with lifelong learning opportunities, and ease the above pain points for SMEs through systematic solutions.

AGMB International Fortune Club is committed to build Australia-China exchange platform, set up high-end wealth club, service entrepreneurs and investors with desire, ideas and passion to develop their business in Australia or expand the business to China.


The second day, AGMB International Fortune Club and deligates from GMB China, visited and developed cooperation with a number of government organizations, research institutions and business companies, involving many industries such as finance, academia, real estate, investment and consultation.


How to join GMB

AGMB Fortune Club will empowering our members with counseling, packaging and financing to achieve their goals through financing, strategic planning, brand marketing, business management, consultation and exchange service for members. Annually, there will be more than 20 varieties of events and activities organized for our members, including high-end business forum, industry insights, top level entrepreneurs mentoring, business visiting, project consultation, project roadshow etc.

Eligibility of AGMB Fortune Club Members

– First Chinese generation of immigrants, who build up business or invest in Australia

– Second Chinese generation, who will start business in Australia

– Second Chinese generation, who would like to expand business to China

– Chinese enterprises preparing to enter Australia with Chinese resources and products

– Australian entrepreneurs looking to expand into the Chinese market

AGMB Membership is granted subject to the application with recommendation approved and $19,800 annual membership fee paid.

At the same time, AGMB members will be also entitled to the same benefit package of GMB diamond membership in China, which is RMB98,000 annual membership fee.

Development Path of AGMB Fortune Club

– Joint mentoring from Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs and experts;

– Selecting high-quality projects and give priority for internal investment

– Counseling and guiding for excellent projects

– Integrating all resources to assist the projects and create the models

– Accompanying each phase of the projects


Membership Benefits_Participation of Event and Activities in Australia

– Australia main-stream high-end events at least 4 times a year;

– Australian government, mainstream association or western chamber of commerce activities, at least 4 times a year;

– Visit Australian companies, at least twice a year;

– International luxury brand activities, at least twice a year;

– Members exclusive activities, at least twice a year;

– Private seminars with top mentors, at least 6 times a year.

Membership Benefits_Participation of Event and Activities in China

Entitled to the same benefit package of GMB diamond membership of RMB98,000 annual membership fee (limited in China)

  • Visit and guidance of masters (free for 1 time)

The mentor of GMB will visit the diamond members’ enterprises for a two-day visit and guidance activity. Activities include enterprise diagnosis, strategic consultation, development discussion, intelligence sharing, and curriculum

  • Master diagnosis activity (free for 2 times)

Master diagnosis forum is that the Global Mentor Board will invite the senior tutor to co-guide the participated enterprises to solve the development and growth problems. The participants can consult the Masters one to one for the solution.

  • High-grade forum (free for 1 time, with diamond ticket)

The high-grade forum is an expert activity which is constituted with 1 or more national-level leader, 3 or more internationally well-known entrepreneurs, and several industrially famous figures.

  • Apply for the Home of Global Mentor Board (Specially authorized rights, permanent)

The Home of Global Mentor Board is a member activity institute in various regions for Global Mentor Board, and it has the right to use the brand of Global Mentor Board, the resource of the platform and the activity support, which facilitates the all-round

  • Enrolled in the investment and financing projects service (free for 3 times)

In order to facilitate the investment and financing connection of high-quality projects of tutors and members, each year the Global Mentor Board will select some projects with good investment value, which will be presented through the release

  • Enrolled in the Optimization of Global Mentor Board (enrolling for 1 year)

The Optimization of Global Mentor Board is an online demonstration and transaction to present the products of members.

  • Trade fair (hold for 1 time for free)

During the activity, the Global Mentor Board provides the booth, which can be used by the members to display their products, which is also helpful for the mutual communication and transaction among members.

  • President Class of Business in China (free for 6 times)

Business in China is a commercial training course organized by the Global Mentor Board to enhance the commercial thinking, knowledge and skills of members. Each activity includes the learning content for two days and one night.

  • Study tour of famous enterprises (free for 2 times)

The study tour in famous enterprises is the practical commercial activities open to members of the Global Mentor Board. The visiting objects are mainly the top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in the world, it is to visit and learn the successful.

  • Offline presentation activity of Super Entrepreneur (free for 1 time)

The project of Super Entrepreneur is a stage for entrepreneurs to show their projects and obtain the attention of investment institutions and potential business partners. The top three entrepreneurs in the monthly offline presentation can obtain free.

Early bird promotion plan of the membership

– Early bird members (20 seats), get additional 1-year free membership (average annual membership fee of $9,900 / year)

– Enterprise members (10 seats), various agency service organizations, can get an additional attendee (limited to the same enterprise), who in turns to participate in club activities (not more than 2 enterprises in each industry).

We also embrace the local Australian mentors to join GMB’s global through AGMB. If you believe you are dedicated to connect Australian SMEs with China market, contact AC Bridge and we are happy to empower your vision in the rightest spot.

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