What kind of platform can bring together thousands of mentors and millions of users? What kind of platform will be listed in NASDAQ?

What kind of platform attracts the Australian elites from political, economic and academic circles to its launch party?

On November 12th, 2019, Australia GMB International Fortune Club launched in Melbourne. This remarks an extraordinary milestone for the open up of a brand-new cross-border platform.

 Platform economy has already penetrated into our daily lives. There is no doubt that there will be more platforms for changing the lives of each of us in the future. They will become the pioneers of the new era by virtue of the imagination of technology. Medical care, travel, finance, E-commerce, and social media will become scenarios where economic behavior takes place. Platforms will replace companies and become the mainstream organization.

The power of the platform economy lies in gathering resources and restructuring the traditional economic chain into a close loop within the platform. The platform bends the original lengthy industrial chain into a ring. Through a platform, the businesses can directly contact the product users, saving the cost and improving the efficiency.

Today, nothing remains unchangeable. The traditional concept, the foundation of the industry and even life are all disrupted. Uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety are becoming a common mental feature of the mankind. Where is the direction? How does the new business model look like? How to keep up with the times? Entrepreneurs keep asking these questions and seeking the answer.

The new economic model that brings together the wise mentors, industrial resources, and capitals to achieve a common goal is increasingly proven by case studies. The basic form of the new economy will be the platform economy and the sharing economy. The top 15 Internet companies in the world are all platform-based companies, and they are also the world’s most market-worthy companies.

China’s knowledge sharing is one of the hottest businesses, knowledge sharing users grew rapidly, reached 292 million people in 2018. iResearch report released the “2018 China Online Knowledge Sharing Market Report”, which shows that the scale of knowledge sharing industry will further expand, and it is expected to reach 23.5 billion RMB by 2020.

GMB as the knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform, at the 5th year of establishment, announced its IPO on NASDAQ. We are very honored to witness GMB’s very first overseas fortune club here in Melbourne, Australia. This is extraordinary!

In the future, we will use the GMB platform to connect thousands of mentors and millions of entrepreneurs from hundreds of cities. We will present Australian projects, products and future entrepreneurs to the right track, the right platform with professionalism, sense of responsibility and mission, empowering the local entrepreneurs to have an anchor, a home, a profound understanding of the culture, policy, compliance and taxation environments in China and Australia.

We are also very honored to work with mainstream Australian institutions to channel various resources and mentors from the Australian government, enterprises and the financial community. By joining with us, the immigrated first-gen entrepreneurs are no longer confused here in Australia. The second generation of start-ups/entrepreneurs who are preparing to start a business in Australia will have the guidance and confidence to participate in the business locally, leveraging the resources to achieve their ambitions and dreams.

The convergence of platforms, and the convergence of resources will definitely help SMEs in China-and Australia.

Introduction of the Global Mentor Board

GMB is the leading knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform,

  • It presents more than 1,280 top mentors including: former minister of Foreign Affairs, LI Zhaoxing; Chairman of Viva China Holdings Limited, LI Ning; founder of the Hang Seng Group, HUANG Dacheng; Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, ZHOU Tongyu, etc;
  • Knowledge sharing: online and offline training, summits, forums, entrepreneurial project incubation, master diagnosis consultation, resource channels;
  • Enterprises Mutual Assistance: Mentors, members and partners learn from each other, help each other, trade with each other, and invest to each other.


Successful implementation:

GMB assisted more than 1,000 projects, 25 companies in obtaining private equity financing. The total financing amount surpassed RMB 3 billion (AUD628.4 Million) during the past four years.

Position: Internet of Wisdom——Knowledge Sharing & Enterprise Service Platform for SMEs Led by Top Mentors

Values: Responsibility, Innovation, Inclusion and Sharing

Vision (Objective) : world-leading wisdom trading platform

Features: learn from each other, help each other, trade with each other and invest in each other.

Brand Proposition: Wisdom collection for value creation

Advertisement: Knowledge sharing, pragmatic mutual support

GMB was established in 2014. The headquarter is in Beijing and 6 subsidiaries were built in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities, partners are throughout the country in more than 100 cities in China.

Hu HaiPing—-The Chairman of GMB

Hu is Chairman and CEO of Global Mentor Board, honorable businessman from Zhejiang, China’s top 10 economic influencers, China’s Top 10 Characters of New Energy Sources, China’s Top 10 Outstanding CEOs, Former Vice Chairman of Shanshan Holdings Board and Former CEO of Shanshan Group.

Executive Committee of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and Vice Chairman of Pudong New Area Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of China Innovation and Design Industry Alliance, Vice Chairman of Internet Professional Committee of Zhejiang Merchants Association, Business Mentor of Silicon Valley Advanced Business Association.

Chairman of Shanghai Alumni Association of Zhejiang University, Chairman of Alumni Association of College of Control Science and Engineering in Zhejiang University.


All-Star Mentors on GMB

Zhaoxing LI, former minister of Foreign Affairs and Honorary Tutor of the Global Mentor Board. In March 2008, at the 2nd meeting of the 2nd National People ’s Congress, he was elected Member of the Standing Committee of the National Session of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of the National Committee of Foreign Affairs.

LI Ning, Chairman of Viva China Holdings and GMB. In China, as of the end of 2018, the total number of Li Ning’s stores reached 6,344 in China, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and other regions, with more than 6000 employees.

Nanchun JIANG, Focus Media Founder (Stock: 002027) In July 2005, Focus Media was successfully listed in the Nasdaq. As of June 2016, Focus Media’s elevator TV business has covered 90 direct-operated cities, (120 cities including franchise), accounting for over 95% of China’s elevator TV market.

Yunhe PAN, an expert in intelligence and computer graphics in China. Former President of Zhejiang University, Executive Vice-President of China Chengyuan Academy. Pan is a pioneer in the field of intelligent CAD in China

Jinsheng GUAN, at the end of 1992, Guan’s IWC collaborated with Li Ka-shing to acquire the HK listed company Volkswagen Hong Kong and become a controlling shareholder. That was the first M&A case done by a Mainland Chinese securities company. In 2016, Guan returned to the capital market as the chairman of Royal Sunward Shanghai Equity Investment & Fund Management Co.,Ltd. He is trying to conquer another virgin land in China’s private equity industry.

Zhengming FENG, Managing Director of Softbank China Capital (SBCVC)

Kezhong WU, Chairman of FC Financial Holding & PreIPO

Jin CHEN, Professor and Doctoral Tutor, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Economics and Management School of Tsinghua University

Tongyu ZHOU, Member of the CPPCC National Committee, President of Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurs Association, Chairman and President of Shanghai Weida High-tech Group

And 1200+ more….


The Benefits to Join Australia GMB International Fortune Club

Entitled to the same benefit package of GMB diamond membershipValue at RMB98,000 annually limited in China)

  1. Visit and guidance of masters (free for 1 time)

The mentor of GMB will visit the diamond members’ enterprises for a two-day visit and guidance activity. Activities include enterprise diagnosis, strategic consultation, development discussion, wisdom sharing, and curriculum

  1. Master diagnosis activity (free for 2 times) Master diagnosis forum is that the Global Mentor

Board will invite the senior tutor to co-guide the participated enterprises

to solve the development and growth problems. The participants can consult the Masters one to one for the solution.

  1. High-grade forum (free for 1 time, with diamond ticket)

The high-grade forum is an expert activity which is constituted with 1 or more national-level leader, 3 or more internationally well-known entrepreneurs, and several industrially famous figures.

  1. Apply for the Home of Global Mentor Board (Specially authorized rights, permanent)

The Home of Global Mentor Board is a member activity institute in various regions for Global Mentor Board, and it has the right to use the brand of Global Mentor Board, the resource of the platform and the activity support, which facilitates the all-round

  1. Enrolled in the investment and financing projects service (free for 3 times)

In order to facilitate the investment and financing connection of high-quality projects of tutors and members, each year the Global Mentor Board will select some projects with good investment value, which will be presented through the release

  1. Enrolled in the Optimization of Global Mentor Board (enrolling for 1 year)

The Optimization of Global Mentor Board is an online demonstration and transaction to present the products of members.

  1. Trade fair (hold for 1 time for free)

During the activity, the Global Mentor Board provides the booth, which can be used by the members to display their products, which is also helpful for the mutual communication and transaction among members.

  1. President Class of Business in China (free for 6 times)

Business in China is a commercial training course organized by the Global Mentor Board to enhance the commercial thinking, knowledge and skills of members. Each activity includes the learning content for two days and one night.

  1. Study tour of famous enterprises (free for 2 times)

The study tour in famous enterprises is the practical commercial activities open to members of the Global Mentor Board.

The visiting objects are mainly the top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in the world, it is to visit and learn the successful.

  1. Offline presentation activity of Super Entrepreneur (free for 1 time)

The project of Super Entrepreneur is a stage for entrepreneurs to show their projects and obtain the attention of investment institutions and potential business partners. The top three entrepreneurs in the monthly offline presentation can obtain free


We Want YOU

Like Alibaba built up online stores for customers and shoppers, GMB is building up a platform that channels businesses and stakeholders, mentors and mentees. As AGMB is a subsidiary under GMB to service Australian projects, businesses, investors and professionals, we need elite mentors to be on board.

The mentors of AGMB will be

Well-known Australian entrepreneur who are interested in China Market

Industry experts from all walks

Relevant government officials,

Local Project owners seeking business partners in China

The AGMB is committed to building a platform for China-Australia business wisdom exchange, serving 50-100 ambitious, thoughtful and passionate entrepreneurs.

If you are

First Chinese generation of immigrants, who build up business or invest in Australia

Second Chinese generation, who will start business in Australia

Second Chinese generation, who would like to expand business to China

Chinese enterprises preparing to enter Australia with

Chinese resources and products

Australian entrepreneurs looking to expand into the Chinese market

Then we want you, join us today!


AGMB will power our members with counseling, packaging and financing to achieve their goals through financing, strategic planning, brand marketing, business management, consultation and exchange service. Annually there will be more than 20 varieties of events and activities organizedincluding high-end business forum, industry insights, top level entrepreneurs mentoring, business visiting, project consultation and roadshow etc.

Visit our website for more information and contacts @ www.agmb.com.au