AUSTRALIA CHINA BUSINESS CIRCLE is an integrated media communication platform consisting of 6 major broadcast channels: monthly magazine, website, WeChat, Event, Newsletter and LinkedIn in Chinese and English. It is designed for the mutual benefits of Chinese and Australian investment partnerships, targeting the High Net Worth Individual Chinese communities in Australia and China.

AUSTRALIA CHINA BUSINESS CIRCLE is an exclusive monthly publication, independent and original. The coated-paper design is high- end, distributed throughout Australia and locally produced. We publish mainstream Australian news and interviews with entrepreneurs and companies in Chinese, empowering Chinese investors to embrace Australia; and we publish significant Chinese news in English, as a means for Australians to better understand China. AUSTRALIA CHINA BUSINESS CIRCLE magazine features four main sections: “Fortune”; “Fashion” ; “Lifestyle” and “China Outlook“.

AUSTRALIA CHINA BUSINESS CIRCLE provides investors comprehensive media services, brand promotion and events as well as an investor club, to bridge Chinese investment to Australian projects.